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Regional meetings

A group representing the interests of members in a particular region, consisting of an elected Chair, Vice-Chair and appointed BIFA members.

The purpose of Regional Members' meetings is to discuss matters relevant to that particular region including, without limitation the election of representatives of their respective regional groups and without prejudice to the rights of the Association. The Chair of a regional group also constitutes a proportion of Council.

For more information or to submit your interest in attending a particular Regional Members' meeting please contact the respective Consultant to BIFA below.

To view coming meetings please click here. Regional Members' meetings

Consultants to BIFA:

Colin Young - Consultant to BIFA for London West & the South West Supporting Regional Members' meetings in Bristol, Gatwick, Heathrow, Solent and Stansted. Email: young_colin.t21@btinternet.com

Len Hobbs - Consultant to BIFA for Scotland and the Borders Supporting Regional Members' meetings in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Tyne/Tees. Email: bifa.scot@gmail.com

Paul Newman - Consultant to BIFA for Anglia, London East & the South East Supporting Regional Members' meetings in East Anglia, Kent & East Sussex and London East. Email: paul@pnauk.com

Paul Young - Consultant to BIFA for Midlands and the North Supporting Regional Members' meetings in Humber, Liverpool, Manchester, Midlands and Yorkshire. Email: youngyes@aol.com


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