First for Freight Development Pathway initiative

Left to right: Vicki Flashman – Customs Supervisor KTL (Europe) Ltd; Louie Turner; Trainee Customs Operator, KTL (Europe) Ltd; Myles Daly – Managing Director KTL (Europe) Ltd, Mat Beecham, Operations Manager, Manpower Freight Development Pathway.


Louie Turner, who has been employed as trainee customs operator within KTL (Europe) Ltd’s Customs department, said: “The FDP was a perfect fit for me. The group sessions were informative, and the individual learning, which could be done in my own time, suited me. I am already seeing some of the freight industry terminology I learned during the introductory freight and customs training course, delivered by BIFA’s team of qualified trainers.”

Myles Daly, managing director of KTL (Europe) Ltd, added: “I joined one of the FDP introductory sessions that are being run by BIFA and Manpower, and thought this is a great way to attract new talent that will have a basic understanding of the freight industry.

Vicki Flashman, customs supervisor at KTL (Europe) Ltd said: “The structured nature and expectations that Manpower has of any candidate that completes the FDP is brilliant to see. The result is that we now have a new team member that is full of enthusiasm to learn and develop a career within the freight industry.

Mat Beecham, operations manager, Manpower Freight Development Pathway, said: “It’s fantastic that Louie has become the first candidate of the FDP to secure employment in the freight industry. We got involved in this programme to help alleviate the talent shortage and support more people into work; in many ways, Louie is a perfect example of why BIFA and Manpower set up this new initiative. It is also really pleasing to hear how KTL (Europe) Ltd has also embraced the FDP as a route to secure new entry-level talent.

Carl Hobbis, one of BIFA’s executive directors, who also heads the trade association’s training activities, concludes: “It’s very satisfying when a plan comes together and starts to deliver positive outcomes.

Louie’s appointment is a significant milestone in the FDP concept and we are confident that it is the first of many appointments made by BIFA members that decide to take advantage of the programme.



Notes to editors:

The aim of the FDP is to help identify, attract, and train suitable candidates from outside of the freight forwarding and logistics sector, help them to familiarise themselves with the sector and become work and industry-ready for career opportunities with members of BIFA, the trade association that represents that sector.

The FDP gives participants a three-week employability programme, plus an introductory freight and customs training course, delivered by BIFA’s team of qualified trainers, and is part of a wider initiative to address the well-documented staffing issues that the sector faces.

The programme is administered by Manpower and includes group sessions, weekly one-to-one meetings, as well as employability training to get each participant ready for interview and eventual employment; as well as the BIFA training.

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