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YFN - Virtual - The Laws of Logistics - 31/05/23

Starts:  Wed. 31 May 2023  at 15:30 PM
Venue: Zoom - Video Conference

Specialist marine lawyer, Linda Jacques, will be speaking to the BIFA Young Forwarder Network outlining the type of disputes that can arise in international shipping and logistics and the complex nature of dealing with them.

Laws Of Logistics - Linda Jacques (2)

Speaker: Linda Jacques, LA Marine, Lester Aldridge LLP

Linda is a shipping and logistics lawyer with LA Marine, the specialist marine law team at Lester Aldridge. Linda works with numerous forwarders across the world dealing with urgent and tricky problems ranging from maritime contract to shipping disputes and dealing with insurers, investigators, loss adjusters, marine surveyors and P&I Clubs.

In this session for the Young Forwarder Network, Linda will walk through a sample of some of the logistics disputes and cases handled, the problems and issues encountered and the resolutions achieved. The international nature of shipping and logistics means that specialist lawyers are essential to unravel the complex multi-jurisdictional issues, involving a string of companies who are looking at the dispute under different contracts.  

Join us at this virtual YFN to learn a bit about this complex area of law and the importance of understanding the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the supply chain.



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