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Exiting the European Union Downloads

Defined as ‘Brexit’, the UK will be exiting the European Union (EU), following the result of the referendum on 23 June 2016, which is currently scheduled for 31 October 2019.

In the run up to that exit BIFA will be campaigning to ensure that the movement of the UK’s visible import and export trade does not become overburdened by over complicated trade procedures.

BIFA is a neutral body and will provide information to support our members as the forthcoming legislative changes become apparent between now and the date the country’s exit becomes effective.

Note: Currently the UK is still a member of the EU and is committed to abide by all EU legislation until membership of the EU officially ceases.

Making a success of Brexit

Published: Wed. 21 Dec 2016  -  This PDF file will open in a new window or tab.
CBI report on a whole-economy view of the UK-EU negotiations.

Brexit - Variations on a Theme

Published: Thu. 8 Dec 2016  -  This PDF file will open in a new window or tab.
BIFA overview on the types of BREXIT being debated.

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