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The UK Chamber of Shipping launches "A Maritime Nation" programme with ITN Productions

95% of UK international trade is transported by sea, but what does the future hold for Britain's historic shipping industry? The UK Chamber of Shipping, the trade association and voice for the UK shipping industry with around 150 members from across the maritime sector, has launched "A Maritime Nation", a news and current affairs-style programme produced in partnership with ITN Productions.

Introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, the programme features a series of short news reports and exclusive interviews alongside sponsored editorial exploring UK shipping's proud heritage and its role in an increasingly globalised and challenging landscape.

"A Maritime Nation" embarks on a fascinating journey beginning with a visit to the legendary CC Kerguelen - the third largest ship in the world. Then follows a trip to Glasgow and then the Isle of Wight to examine some of the best-in-class trainings and skills development schemes. The film includes a visit to the Port of Dover to witness its recent make-over and concludes with the latest cutting-edge innovations and technologies aimed at improving safety, operational and environmental efficiency shaping the future of shipping.

Guy Platten, CEO, The UK Chamber of Shipping commented: "This innovative series of films showcases UK's varied and world leading maritime services.

"They show the industry in all its glory, but are also a mark of The Chamber's ambition to champion the industry to a wide audience.

"Over the last 18 months we have been at the forefront of promoting the industry. The UK is a proud maritime nation and we are prouder still of being able to show it off."

Simon Shelley, Head of Industry News, ITN Productions said: "ITN Productions has enjoyed its partnership with the UK Chamber of Shipping as a means of examining the nation's maritime industry.

"We wanted to bring to life the heritage and history of British shipping, but also focus on the current issues and today's people.

"By bringing new innovations and solutions to screen, and looking into the organisations and people behind them, we hope to spark new dialogue that could shape that future."

The full programme was premiered at an exclusive event hosted by The Chamber on the 3rd of September and shown during the 2015 London International Shipping Week on the 10th of September.

To watch the programme visit: http://www.ukchamberofshipping.com/maritime-nation/

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