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Disruption of services at the Port of Felixstowe

In the recent BIFA communication regarding disruption at the Port of Felixstowe we indicated that freight forwarders should not expect compensation for problems currently being experienced as they are not regarded as being in a contractual arrangement with the Port.

However, some BIFA Members have communicated with BIFA stating that as they are billed by the Port for services they should be treated as a customer as well as shipping lines.

The information was provided by the Port in a meeting organised by BIFA. Our Regional Chairman for London East and a representative of the BIFA Anglia Region and our Regional Consultant made the Port aware of the frustration and problems being experienced by all BIFA Members. BIFA cannot comment on billing arrangements, charges or be part of any collective action that may ensue.

BIFA Members will have to make their own representations or take appropriate legal advice if they want to challenge the Port. We cannot instigate action on behalf of the forwarding sector however should a group of BIFA Members want to take action we can facilitate an introduction of such a group to a single point of legal advice. The cost of such advice would have to be borne by the BIFA Members involved.

If you want to be included in such a group of BIFA Members please e-mail Robert Keen – r.keen@bifa.org

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