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Be prepared for the cargo peak at Heathrow

The 2017 peak season had the highest volumes of cargo on record at Heathrow with volumes over 150,000 tonnes per month.

It is forecast that 2018 peak volumes could exceed the volumes seen last year. The season has started to build in line with expectations and actions need to be taken by all parties to avoid landside congestion, particularly around the horseshoe.

Please take note of the following information and advice.

  • There are now road signs in place indicating that the Cargo Peak at Heathrow has started and is likely to last for 6 weeks
  • There will be traffic management changes and additional Police Officers and Traffic Marshalls in Shoreham road
  • Stay in regular contact with the airlines and transit sheds for up to date information and request that they advise on preferable delivery/collection times, if that is possible. Also, keep them advised of any special handling requirements
  • Avoid leaving import cargo to dwell in transit sheds at week-ends
  • Consolidate export loads whenever possible to avoid multiple trips to the same transit sheds and utilise quieter periods for deliveries whenever possible
  • Remember that the “three CCC’s” are the key to avoiding congestion problems: Communication – Coordination – Collaboration

Heathrow Airport Ltd (HAL) is trialling a new communication tool called the “Airport Community” app. It is available for free on all devices from your app store. However, you need to pre-register your email address with HAL for approval to access the app. by sending an email to:  Eva.Gil-Llacer@heathrow.com

Currently there is only limited information about cargo performance, but further functionality is being developed.

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