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Boiler room scam in the name of HMRC

A Solicitor, who is also BIFA Associate Members, has contacted BIFA to warn about a boiler room scam targeting freight forwarders by fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC.

Two recent cases highlighted forwarders being contacted by individuals purporting to work for HMRC. In both cases the caller claimed that they were seeking unpaid tax.

During one episode the caller became quite aggressive with threats of withholding passports, police attendance to effect arrest and freezing of the company bank account. In this case the recipient of the call noted the telephone number as being 020 3290 4322, whilst the other recipient of the call has been asked to check the number.

The Solicitor called the 020 3290 4322 number and it was answered by someone purporting to be from HMRC.

These types of boiler room scams are usually set up using telephone numbers beginning 0203, with fraudsters continuing for a short period, collecting as much money as they can, and then closing the lines.

Wisely, in both cases the recipients refused to discuss matters with the fraudsters and ended the calls.

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