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Business Readiness - Invitation

As you will be aware, DEFRA have launched a new system called ‘Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed Service’ (IPAFFS) to ensure imports of animals and animal products can continue if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

The IPAFFS project team are inviting users to take part in the Business Readiness activities, to help you and your business get ready for the switch to IPAFFS from, TRACES.   Currently this invitation is  for users who import from non-EU countries and we have been developing and improving IPAFFS since the initial training sessions so you may notice some changes. 

These sessions are for Third Country Imports, we will be in touch at a later date in relation to the processes required to Import from the EU.

A representative from the team will attend your site, give you and your team access to a dedicated environment (training version of IPAFFS), hold system demos and arrange on site support during the run up to Go Live.  We will use your feedback and input to structure training plans and material, influence future process improvements and support discussions around the dual running approach. 

The closing date to register your interest to support the Go Live of IPAFFS is Friday 2nd August.  Once all responses are received we will co-ordinate participants by location and set up kick off sessions where we will discuss the approach and next steps.

Before agreeing to register we expect you have some questions you will need answering so we have pulled together some key FAQ’s below:

Q. How much time will I have to give?
A. Min = half day per month, Max = unlimited.  We will work with you and your availability, we will tailor business readiness activity to your available time. 

Q: What should I expect?

  • Dedicated IPAFFS training environment - to familiarise you and your team ahead of Go Live
  • Demos and supporting documentation on latest releases – a chance to ask questions and gain the answers right there and then
  • Test scripts (UAT – User acceptance testing and end to end business scenarios) – to support with finding your way around and utilising the system correctly
  • System Knowledge from project resources – to support with embedding the system in your everyday work
  • On site project support with testing – so you’re not just left to it!
  • Project updates – what is on its way, what progress is being made overall

Q. Will I have to travel?
A. The aim will be to minimise travel where possible but we may need to arrange events in central locations as we would like all users to take part.  Importers, APHA, PHA, BIP,DPEs, FSA etc  If travel is difficult then please let us know and we will accommodate where we can through use of technology.  

Q. Who will I be working with?
A. The Project team for business readiness activity will include Product Owners, Business Analysts, User Researchers, Testers and Project Managers.  Invitations have been sent to a variety of business areas, so if you’re an importer, you may get to meet users from your local BIP/DPE.  We hope this will support improvements to processes going forward. 

Q. What do you want from me?
A. As we progress through testing, we will collate your feedback and input across the following areas:

  • Process improvements
  • System feedback
  • Training requirements
  • Dual Running approach (Raising and managing notifications across Traces and IPAFFS around 31st October)
  • Go Live, Communications and approach
  • Material review for training, support etc
  • Share knowledge and updates with your colleagues

Q. I am a EU Importer and I want to be involved in Business Readiness
A. You can respond to this invite stating you are a EU importer, and we will contact you at a later date to arrange activity.

If you are interested to take part, please send your details to BFPEUExit.ImportsExports@defra.gov.uk, Name, Location, contact number, Email address.

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