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Webinar - International Trade Assistants - Free of charge for your business for 6 months

Free of charge – Cost Neutral – Gratis - what else do you need to know?

No Brainer

Pedagogo has been working with the DWP and the brilliant Kick Start programme to create 100 international trade assistants free of charge for your business for 6 months.

This means:

  • If you are a limited company and
  • Have been trade for over 1 year

You can take advantage of this programme – they’ll even help you fill in the paperwork to get the process done!!

  • They will arrive knowing what a C88 form is
  • Or where to find the right information for HMRC
  • They will understand imports into the UK
  • And exports to the EU and the Rest of the World
  • We’ll teach them how to research a new market
  • And how to use the import/export knowledge in the office
  • They will take the pressure off your business and how you to stop reacting and start planning your next market – you can do a lot in 6 months with help!

Many of us are still grappling with the paperwork needed to trade effectively with the EU as a third party we have a solution that will cost you nothing but will enable your business to move forward internationally.

AND with more changes due in January 2022, it’s not getting any easier so think what you could with a wholly funded employee (international trade assistant) for a period of up to 6 months on a temporary contract of 25 hours per week. This is at a zero cost to you as the Government will pay the salary based on 25 hours per week at the national minimum wage.

If you’re interested email Pedagogo at info@pedagogo.co.uk URGENTLY! They’ll call and explain and help you complete the paperwork – it’s a no brainer!

Join the Webinar to talk about what the Kick Start International Trade Assistants will learn on Monday 29th November @ 14:00 -14:45 click on the link here at 14:00.

Ask as many questions as you need to and they’ll be able to help you move into a better place!

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