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DfT Transport Research & Innovation Grants (TRIG) 2022 Competition - APPLY NOW

The Department for Transport has announced the launch of the Transport Research and Innovation Grants (TRIG) 2022 competition. TRIG is an annual project feeding into DfT priorities regarding “The Future of Freight”

The TRIG competition enables the DfT to fully fund proof-of-concept research projects supporting innovative ideas or concepts that facilitate a better transport system. 

Deadline for applications is 23:59 on the 15 January 2023. Before the closing date you will be able to access two support webinars, one on 19 December 2022 and one on 5 January 2023.

TRIG projects must have an innovative aspect, including products used creatively outside their original intended use. For the TRIG 2022/23 call, early proof-of-concept research projects are welcomed in areas not exclusive to:

  • Decarbonisation
  • Traffic congestion
  • Improving air quality
  • Sustainable energy sources
  • Testing and implementation of emerging technologies (e.g., automation)
  • Efficiency and optimisation of cross-modal freight and logistics systems
  • Use of data and data sharing between private actors and public and private sectors to design and optimise systems

As part of the 2022/23 TRIG competition, the DfT welcomes projects that support the government's commitment to supporting innovation in the freight sector to overcome real-world freight problems. Their aim is that the call attracts bids that deliver the Future of Freight vision for a freight and logistics sector that is cost-efficient, reliable, resilient, environmentally sustainable and valued by society.

The Connected Places Catapult will offer awards of up to £30K to drive innovative solutions aligned with the Future of Freight plan. 

More information about TRIG, including how to apply for the grant, can be found via these platforms:


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