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Update on information regarding Border Force Impact of industrial action at some airports and Port of Newhaven

Earlier this week BIFA circulated information regarding the impact of industrial action that is being undertaken by Border Force. We have now received the following updated information from government which gives a more detailed analysis and some guidance.

Impact of industrial action at some airports and Port of Newhaven

The PCS union has announced industrial action by some Border Force members on 23-26 December 2022 and 28-31 December 2022, at the following locations:

• Birmingham Airport
• Cardiff Airport
• Gatwick Airport
• Glasgow Airport
• Heathrow Terminals 2, 3, 4 & 5
• Manchester Airport
• Port of Newhaven 

If you are planning on moving goods on the affected dates
This industrial action could lead to disruption at ports, airports, and Inland Border Facilities (IBF) including queues, and you should be prepared for this.

If you are able to move goods outside of this period, then we would advise that you do so and to check with your operator before travelling.

You can check IB site availability online

If you are planning to move goods through the Port of Newhaven
Please contact your operator to understand how this may affect your movement.

If you are planning to move goods via air freight
There is likely to be some impact on goods moving via air freight – although each airport may be affected differently. Please speak to your operator to discuss the best way to move your goods around these dates.

If you are planning to carry merchandise in baggage or more than £10,000 in cash and need to make a declaration
For merchandise in baggage under £1500/1000kg which does not contain licensed items, the simplest way to declare your goods is though the simplified online declaration form.

The simplest way to declare large amounts of cash is also online, following this guidance.

If you cannot use the online service, the red point service at the port or airport will be operational during this period but it is possible you will experience some delays.

If moving goods via the Port of Dover, and/or using Sevington Inland Border Facility, from mid-December
You may experience traffic delays in the area due to higher volumes of passenger traffic at this time of year.

Please allow extra time for your journey.

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