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DEFRA - Clarification of border controls after 1 July 2022

As advised last week, the government has decided not to implement the planned EU import controls on SPS goods in July 2022. Effectively this was the last stage of implementing import frontier controls, with commodity specific measures being implemented in a phased approach up until November 2022 in order to allow Border Control Posts (BCP) to gradually gear up for higher demand. In effect this process has been postponed and DEFRA will review their control regime and set out a revised implementation plan, with a target date for introduction by the end of 2023, in a way that exploits technology and minimises administrative burdens. The Department expects to issue this plan in the Autumn of 2022.

It is essential to remind Members that all the controls that have been implemented under Stages 1 and 2 of implementing the Border Operating Model remain in place- it is only those planned for Phase 3 which have now been postponed.  As we have previously noted government departments engaged in trade with the EU are reviewing their policies, which will be consolidated into a Target Operating Model which it is anticipated will be published in the autumn of 2022.


The controls that have already been introduced will remain in place:

  • Traders will continue to move their goods from the EU to GB as they do now.
  • The controls introduced in January 2021 on the highest risk imports of animals, animal products, plants and plant products will continue to apply in order to safeguard the UK’s biosecurity.
  • Existing customs controls and the requirement to pre-notify SPS goods introduced in January 2022 will remain.

The following controls which were planned for introduction from July 2022 will now not be introduced:

  • A requirement for further Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) checks on EU imports currently at destination to be moved to BCP
  • A requirement for safety and security declarations on EU imports
  • A requirement for further health certification and SPS checks for EU imports
  • Prohibitions and restrictions on the import of chilled meats from the EU


The previously mentioned Target Operating Model, which is due published in the Autumn,  will set out the new regime of border import controls, which the government aims to implement by the end of 2023.  BIFA will keep its Members updated of changes contained within this document. 

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