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Final Reminder - Closure of NCTS from 31st May 2022

Please find below a message from HMRC reminding BIFA Members of the upcoming closure of the new computer transit system email channel.

The New Computer Transit System (NCTS) email channel is closing 

HMRC is writing to its trade partners to advise them that some declarants are still using the NCTS email channel to submit transit declarations to move goods between GB and EU. As you will be aware, HMRC have been upgrading the channels used to submit transit declarations to improve the resilience of the system and to manage an expected increase in transit volumes.    

They are not upgrading this channel so users will need to fully migrate to the new API XML channel using the software they have been provided with.  

The new channels are available, are operating well and the vast majority of users have migrated. Communications have previously gone out stating that the email channel will be closing for new declarations after 11.59pm on 31st May 2022.   

The email channel will be available for 14 days after 11:59pm 31st May 2022 to receive messages in relation to movements started before this time. After 31st May 2022 all new transit declarations will need to be made via the new XML API and customers should submit declarations in this way as soon as possible.   

HMRC offer a free to use web-based service, but for submitting larger volumes of transit declarations, they recommend that users use the new XML channel to best meet their business needs.   

Alternatively, customers can use standard Import/Export procedures to move goods. This will be the case for all Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) and Northern Ireland movements.   

Immediate action required now 

Customers need to stop using the email channel and move all declaration traffic to XML.   

How HMRC will support you   

If you have any questions about this please contact the team on amttradepartnerreadiness@hmrc.gov.uk  

Your trading will be disrupted if you do not take action ahead of 31st May 2022. 

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