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UPDATE: CDS Export Key Dates - 02/02/23

Following on from Monday's announcement, BIFA has received an update from HMRC with some amended information.

With apologies for another change, HMRC has revised some of the dates mentioned in Monday’s email for the JCCC and TPRF. The emails and letters to declarants will be going out this week with the following changes to the middle section:

  • From late February 2023 - HMRC will contact export declarants that only use the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) using software or the current National Export System (NES) web service. HMRC will include details of how to start making declarations on the Customs Declaration Service using either software or the new export declaration online service. 
  • Summer 2023 – HMRC will work with all export declarants to ensure you are ready to make declarations through the Customs Declarations Service, by setting out the actions you need to take and signposting to guidance.
  • From September 2023 - all export routes will be open for making declarations and you will be signposted to information about actions you will need to take. This includes:
    • Export declarants who use a mix of routes including the Goods Vehicle Movement Service or inventory linked locations.
    • Export declarants that only use inventory linked locations.
    • Export declarants that use Designated Export Place (DEP) movements.
    • Export declarants that currently use National Export Service (NES) web service and will need to move to the new export declaration online service. 

The rest of the information in Monday’s announcement remains the same. BIFA apologises for the change and assures that the calls to action in terms of prepping for CDS are still the same.

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