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Current News

News articles are listed below, for more detail simply click the title. To see Archive, BIFA or Industry news use the menu options on the left. You can have news articles delivered directly to you as an RSS feed by clicking the RSS Icon above.

Current news are those articles from the last 3 months. Archive news are those articles more than 3 months old. To see articles with a specific tag simply click the tag in the panel on the left.

Importing and exporting plants and plant products after Brexit

Mon. 14 Jan 2019
Delivering the deal negotiated with the EU remains the Government’s top priority. This has not changed.

Port Health Update - Import Requirements

Mon. 14 Jan 2019
Food and Feed control changes 14th January 2019.

Air Freight Demand Flat in November

Thu. 10 Jan 2019
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released data for global air freight markets showing that demand, measured in freight tonne kilometers (FTKs), was flat (0%) in November 2018, compared to the same period the year before. This was the slowest rate of growth recorded since March 2016, following 31 consecutive months of year-on-year increases.

World Container Index - 03 Jan

Fri. 4 Jan 2019
The World Container Index assessed by Drewry, a composite of container freight rates on 8 major routes to/from the US, Europe and Asia is up 14.1% to $1,792.96 per 40ft container (updated Thursday, 3 January 2019).

Port Health Update - Organic imported food and feed controls

Wed. 2 Jan 2019
New requirements for specified organic products originating from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and China applicable from 01.01.2019.

Brexit and Customs

Wed. 2 Jan 2019
With regards to Customs and the export of goods, the Commission noted in its communication of 19 December that if the Withdrawal Agreement is not ratified, all relevant EU legislation on imported goods and exported goods will apply as of the withdrawal date (29 March 2019).

BIFA welcomes HM Treasury funding for customs training

Tue. 18 Dec 2018
The British International Freight Association (BIFA), the trade association for UK freight forwarding and logistics companies, has welcomed the recent news of an £8 million government funding scheme for customs intermediaries and traders.

UK to remain in the CTC after Brexit

Tue. 18 Dec 2018
The UK is set to remain in the Common Transit Convention (CTC) after Brexit, ensuring simplified cross-border trade for UK businesses exporting their goods.

World Container Index - 13 Dec

Mon. 17 Dec 2018
The World Container Index assessed by Drewry, a composite of container freight rates on 8 major routes to/from the US, Europe and Asia is down by 1.2% to $1,622.68 per 40ft container (updated Thursday, 13 December 2018).

Executives must watch both sea and air amid trade war tensions, warns Xeneta

Wed. 12 Dec 2018
As the ongoing trade war between the US and China continues to send tremors of uncertainty through the global economy, Xeneta is advising senior executives to keep a close eye on fluctuating ocean and air freight rates. In an unpredictable geopolitical environment, highlighted by last week’s arrest of Huawei’s CFO in Canada, the leading freight rate benchmarking and market intelligence platform says shippers need agile logistics strategies, with the option of shifting transportation mode whenever necessary.

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