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News: CDS

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Downloads relating to EU Exit (Brexit) can be viewed here: EU EXIT

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CHIEF Training Service Closure Update

Wed. 20 Jul 2022
As announced earlier, CHIEF training service is closing from 10:00 on 26th July 2022. However, HMRC has decided to offer continued access for traders with exceptional need.

Reminder of BIFA's CDS Documents

Wed. 20 Jul 2022
Having monitored the e-mail enquiries regarding CDS, we would like to highlight the following information and documents to our Members.

Customs Declaration Service: HMRC Engagement with Customs Agents and Importers

Tue. 19 Jul 2022
We have been contacted by HMRC regarding their ongoing engagement with customs agents and importers regarding the migration from CHIEF to CDS.

HMRC Announcement - CDS Data Report Service

Tue. 5 Jul 2022
HMRC have announced the launch of the Customs Declaration Service data report service for imports, formerly known as the MSS (Management Support System) in CHIEF.

Transitioning To CDS - YouTube Tutorials

Mon. 4 Jul 2022
BIFA has been highlighting that the UK will be moving from processing Customs Declarations via CHIEF to the new Customs Declaration System (CDS).

CDS Frequently Asked Questions - Updated 8th June 2022

Mon. 13 Jun 2022
Following our last update on the 6th May, HMRC has provided further clarity on the transition to CDS by providing the latest responses to questions submitted by Members.

HMRC Releases CDS Workaround Document

Thu. 9 Jun 2022
In order to best support declarants in their interactions with the CDS platform, HMRC has created a consolidated workaround document, hosting all known workarounds in a single asset.

HMRC issue guidance for CDS Import entries

Fri. 29 Apr 2022
HMRC have released a guide on how to complete an import customs declaration on the Customs Declaration Service

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