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News: EU Exit

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Downloads relating to EU Exit (Brexit) can be viewed here: EU EXIT

Note to media: If you wish to use/report items tagged as 'BIFA' that are older than 1 month, please get in touch to ensure that the press release in question still reflects the current circumstances. Contact us.

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BIFA Member Research Request - Haulier Port Processes

Mon. 16 May 2022
The Department for Transport has commissioned Britain Thinks, an independent research agency, to conduct research on how haulage companies plan and make decisions on UK routes and port crossings.

Moving To CDS - BIFA Webinar FAQs

Fri. 6 May 2022
During last week's Webinars on the transition to CDS, a number of questions were raised by BIFA members.

DEFRA - Clarification of border controls after 1 July 2022

Wed. 4 May 2022
As advised last week, the government has decided not to implement the planned EU import controls on SPS goods in July 2022. Effectively this was the last stage of implementing import frontier controls, with commodity specific measures being implemented in a phased approach up until November 2022 in order to allow Border Control Posts (BCP) to gradually gear up for higher demand. In effect this process has been postponed and DEFRA will review their control regime and set out a revised implementation plan, with a target date for introduction by the end of 2023, in a way that exploits technology and minimises administrative burdens. The Department expects to issue this plan in the Autumn of 2022.

HMRC Announcement

Thu. 28 Apr 2022
After weeks of speculation the Government has now made an official announcement delaying the introduction of further border controls.

HMRC - Safety & Security Declarations - opportunity to participate in "live proving"

Thu. 31 Mar 2022
Live proving (testing end-to-end processes and IT) activity is to support readiness of those organisations who are not already submitting Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) in the GB S&S system.

DEFRA - Applying Groupage Models for EU-GB Imports from 1 July 2022

Tue. 22 Mar 2022
Ahead of the new import controls being introduced from July 2022, DEFRA have made available various resources around the groupage models that can be applied to consignments being imported from the European Union into Great Britain.

DEFRA Border Control Posts (BCPs) & Control Points for July 1 2022– Existing and Planned (1)

Wed. 9 Mar 2022
This preliminary list provides information on those sites which are anticipated as potentially being designated BCPs across GB and Control Points, subject to the completion of the process for designating BCPs. It should be noted that inclusion on this list does not mean that these ports will be designated as BCPs. DEFRA stress that no commercial decision or other form of reliance should be taken upon these details until designation is confirmed.

EU Exit - Safety and Security ENS onboarding - HMRC presentation

Tue. 1 Mar 2022
Additional HMRC frontier processes to be introduced on the 1st July 2022

HMRC Issue Updated Haulier Communications

Thu. 17 Feb 2022
Further to the news item that was published by BIFA on Wednesday 19th January, HMRC has issued the latest edition of their Haulier Communications.

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