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News articles are listed below, for more detail simply click the title. To see Archive, BIFA or Industry news use the menu options on the left. You can have news articles delivered directly to you as an RSS feed by clicking the RSS Icon above.

Note to media: If you wish to use/report items tagged as 'BIFA News' that are older than 1 month, please get in touch to ensure that the press release in question still reflects the current circumstances. Contact us.

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Freight association calls for greater clarity and 
detail on new cross border trade systems

Mon. 10 Aug 2020
Commenting on the raft of recent announcements by the UK government in regards to various aspects of the UK’s future cross border international trade, the trade association for UK freight forwarders said that, as always, the devil will be in the detail.

Major £650 million investment for Northern Ireland

Fri. 7 Aug 2020
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis, announce a major £650m package of investment.

Air cargo continues ‘gradual but consistent recovery'

Fri. 7 Aug 2020
Even as additional capacity comes into the market with the return of more passenger services, volumes are showing some 'reassuring resilience,' reports market specialist CLIVE.

European Road Freight Rate Benchmark Q2 2020: Rates fall to two-year low

Wed. 5 Aug 2020
Ti and Upply’s European Road Freight Rate Benchmark Q2 2020 shows that road freight rates have fallen to their lowest level in two years amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Logistics sector urged to invest in skills to prepare for post-Brexit paperwork

Tue. 4 Aug 2020
In recognising the enormous pressures facing the logistics sector post-Brexit, we’re urging businesses to recruit freight forwarding apprentices to build capacity and start equipping a new generation with the knowledge and skills to face the challenges ahead.

TAPA expands EMEA secure truck parking database

Tue. 4 Aug 2020
But market size 'completely overshadows the availability' of safe areas in Europe.

'Delicate balancing act' sees long-term ocean freight rates holding steady

Tue. 4 Aug 2020
However, latest intelligence shows that 'spot' levels 'have finally begun to slide on key Far East-North Europe and Far East-US West Coast trades, suggesting the recent re-instatement of routes and tonnage is driving down prices, says Xeneta.

Transfer of Responsibility: EDD/FREDDs Certification and Quality Assurance

Mon. 3 Aug 2020
Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDDs) are now used as an approved method of cargo screening at various Regulated Agents in the UK.

Boxship orderbook-to-fleet ratio ducks below 10% for the first time this century

Fri. 31 Jul 2020
The global containership orderbook, seen as a percentage of the world fleet, has dropped to its lowest level in more than 20 years, new analysis from Alphaliner reveals.

Shipowners back in the driving seat, with brisk business in the charter market

Fri. 31 Jul 2020
Containership brokers are reporting “brisk business”, although owners are reluctant to fix for longer periods against rising daily hire rates.

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