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NXCT - National X-Ray Competency Test

All personnel carrying out cargo screening duties by x-ray at a Regulated Agent must sit and pass the NXCT as set by the Department for Transport.

BIFA is offering testing as scheduled test sessions (as listed on the BIFA website) during which the test alone is offered, or as part of in-house X-ray Operator Training (Module 14).

Candidates for the Cargo NXCT must hold valid Level E (old syllabus) or COS (new syllabus) and x-ray (Module 7 – old syllabus or Module 14 – new syllabus) certificates issued within the last two years (or relevant refreshers) in order to be eligible to sit the test.

The test must be successfully re-taken every 13 months in order to remain valid. Additionally, the Department for Transport has stated that any individual who does not carry out x-ray screening activities for a period of 3 months must re-sit and pass the NXCT prior to re-commencing x-ray duties.

N.B. Test session only – no training takes place 

Many courses are repeated during the year, to see a complete list of available dates for this course please visit the course description page for NXCT - National X-Ray Competency Test

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