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Understanding Letters of Credit

Our Essential Guide to Letters of Credit workshop is aimed all key people involved in handling Letters of Credit, ie: export sales, export managers, administrators, finance teams and freight forwarders.

Course Objective:

Delegates will receive training delivered in a highly interactive, practical and engaging format delivered by an experienced practitioner in Letters of Credit, enabling you to

  • negotiate the most favourable Letter of Credit terms for your business
  • accurately factor the costs into your selling price
  • minimise the need for costly amendments
  • prepare Letter of Credit documents which comply with the most challenging of terms

The workshop will include a range of recent examples of Letters of Credit with a focus on how to avoid the common pitfalls.

The training will ultimately help you and your exporting clients to reduce costs, save time and protect profit margins.

Course Content:

  • Understanding the risks
  • What is a Letter of Credit?
  • How L/Cs work - seller and buyer perspectives
  • The roles of the banks
  • Understanding the jargon - L/C terms and expressions
  • How to set up a workable L/C (suggested template wording included)
  • Confirmed Letters of Credit - why use them and what are the cost implications?
  • Bank charges - calculating and minimizing costs!
  • Understanding the rules - UCP 600 and ISBP 745
  • Common problems & discrepancies
  • Techniques for preparing and presenting documents to the bank
  • Checking the documents - what the bank is looking for!
  • Discrepancies – what to do if things go wrong
  • Letter of Credit Examples and Exercises

Case studies will be based on recent L/Cs / topical scenarios. All delegates will receive detailed course notes (including templates and checklists) and copies of the presentation slides. You will also receive complimentary copies of the ICC ‘rules’ UCP 600.

Course timing: 9:15am – 16:00pm


Many courses are repeated during the year, to see a complete list of available dates for this course please visit the course description page for Understanding Letters of Credit

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