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Winners 2019

The following organisations and individuals have been recognised by the British International Freight Association as the ‘best in industry’ for each category in the Freight Service Awards 2019. Trophies were awarded to the winners at the luncheon ceremony held at The Brewery, London EC1.

Awards winners showing off their trophies

Award Winners

Air Cargo Services Award Air Cargo Services Award If your company has excelled in sending goods by air or you have a story about customer fulfilment where logistics in the air is involved, this category is for you. Air Cargo Services Award Winner: Noatum Logistics
Sponsor: Jemma Cross of IAG Cargo (L)
Host: Ade Adepitan (C)
Winner: James Davis of Noatum Logistics (R)
Category Winner:  Noatum Logistics
Noatum Logistics went out of their comfort zone to ensure time critical shipments were delivered on-time to the customer’s requirements. Noatum developed and proposed a new priority product, creating a bespoke air charter service. The success of this just-in-time service has allowed Noatum to expand into new markets and stand out from the competition.
IAG Cargo IAG Cargo
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European Logistics Award European Logistics Award This category is for freight forwarders using road, short-sea or rail services to provide logistics solutions to and from Europe. European Logistics Award Winner: Davies Turner
Sponsor: Mike Yarwood of TT Club (L)
Host: Ade Adepitan (C)
Winner: Edward Stephenson of Davies Turner (R)
Category Winner:  Davies Turner
Davies Turner took and innovative approach in developing an online e-freight booking and quotation solution, backed up with tracking capability and other metrics. The solution is transferable to other network members, improving efficiencies and flexibility including automation of clerical tasks. The solution also serves to build the network, develop it and creates resilience.
TT Club TT Club
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Extra Mile Award Extra Mile Award This category is for Members that can provide specific examples of 'innovation' and/or 'customer care' by adding value and exceeding their customer's expectations. Extra Mile Award Winner: Brunel Air Cargo
Sponsor: Martin Meacock of Descartes (L)
Host: Ade Adepitan (C)
Winner: Michael Haskins of Brunel Air Cargo (R)
Category Winner:  Brunel Air Cargo
Brunel Air Cargo Services, through detailed planning, anticipating and reacting to the various challenges encountered during the project, went the extra mile to insulate their customer from any of the pain. The shipment, consisting of bespoke hand-crafted furniture to be delivered to the 64th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper, had to be split over two charters to meet insurance requirements. At the planning stage all access points, doorways and lifts were carefully measured to ensure clearance of crates. At the same time Brunel Air Cargo Services have used the experience to grow the business into a new market.
Descartes Descartes
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Ocean Services Award Ocean Services Award If you have used ocean services either stand-alone or as part of a multimodal shipment or service we want to hear about something exceptional. Ocean Services Award Winner: Westbound Logistics Services
Sponsor: Karl Dawson of Port Express (L)
Host: Ade Adepitan (C)
Winner: Danny Horne of Westbound Logistics Services (R)
Category Winner:  Westbound Logistics Services
The judges were impressed by the growth and achievements that Westbound Logistics had made in a relatively short time. The fact that they had developed their own web-track system had enhanced the booking and tracking facility for both their customers and global partners. Westbound have opened up their own offices in China and this has led to new trade lanes being opened up from China back into Eastern Europe.
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Project Forwarding Award Project Forwarding Award We are looking for companies who have completed an out of gauge project or co-ordinated a complex movement needing specialised attention. Project Forwarding Award Winner: Spatial Global
Sponsor: Tracey Meaney of Peter Lole Insurance Brokers (L)
Host: Ade Adepitan (C)
Winner: Ian Radcliffe of Spatial Global (R)
Category Winner:  Spatial Global
In the year when we celebrated the 50th anniversary of man’s landing on the moon, Spatial Global have succeeded in completing their own space driven project shipping and delivering two 70 -metre tall doors for a rocket launch mobile gantry to French Guinea for the Ariane 6 European Spaceport Project. Spatial Global demonstrated their skills in responding to the geographical issues of limited sailings to destination, complicated by suppliers in three diverse European locations and arranging arrival for installation around seasonal weather issues.
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Specialist Services Award Specialist Services Award This category is for services that are not modal specific which could include warehousing, pick and pack, technology service, air or shipping line agency, or express services. Specialist Services Award Winner: Morgan Cargo
Sponsor: Nigel Smith of Forward Computers (L)
Host: Ade Adepitan (C)
Winner: Martin Brown of Morgan Cargo (R)
Category Winner:  Morgan Cargo
Morgan Cargo demonstrated with the specific project they based their entry on, innovative solutions in the perishable warehouse consolidation service and value-added label-and-date inkjet service they set up to meet their client’s requirements. The investment in facilities, equipment and staff puts Morgan Cargo in the position to offer the same type of service to other customers and via other modes.
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Staff Development Award Staff Development Award Many BIFA Members have comprehensive staff development programmes or have created their own academies. In this category we are looking for the firm producing the freight forwarders of the future. Staff Development Award Winner: Core Management Logistics
Sponsor: Cliff Atkinson of Albacore Systems (L)
Host: Ade Adepitan (C)
Winner: Yvonne Fenwick of Core Management Logistics (R)
Category Winner:  Core Management Logistics
The judges chose Core Management Logistics as they clearly recognise the impact of training on employee’s growth and wellbeing. CML are adept at finding skills gaps amongst their workforce and then providing bespoke training to improve staff skills and knowledge. Their training not only includes areas driven by the industry, but it also focusses on core skills enabling their workforce to grow outside of the company, an example of this was through delivering core skills in English. They have a holistic view to staff development and have built a training centre on site enabling their staff to receive high quality training in the workplace but in a less formal setting.
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Supply Chain Management Award Supply Chain Management Award This category focuses on provision of a customer focused, innovative solution enabling a more efficient and cost effective management of the supply chain. Supply Chain Management Award Winner: Zencargo
Sponsor: Shane Paddington of BoxTop Technologies(L)
Host: Ade Adepitan (C)
Winner: Seth Profit of Zencargo (R)
Category Winner:  Zencargo
Worldwide Freight Logistics A well-presented submission in which Zencargo demonstrate significant cost-saving, improved visibility of individual stock items and reduced lead times for their customer, a producer of specialised road cycles. Analysis of shipments and lead-times showed that, at their peak, the vast majority were being moved by airfreight. Zencargo proposed a solution that resulted in a significant reduction in airfreight usage, reversing the trend and enabling the majority of shipments to move by seafreight. This modal switch not only provides a cost-saving but also improves the carbon footprint of the product, an important consideration for the customer.
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Apprentice of the Year Apprentice of the Year This category is for those outstanding apprentices working for a BIFA Member, to showcase the difference the named apprentice has made to their organisation. Apprentice of the Year Winner: Thomas Frost & Jack Reddington
Sponsor: Kay Hedges of Seetec Outsource (L)
Joint Winner: Jack Reddington of Hemisphere Freight Services (CL)
Host: Ade Adepitan (CR)
Joint Winner: Thomas Frost of Geodis (R)
Category Winner:  Thomas Frost & Jack Reddington
Geodis & Hemishpere Freight Services Thomas Frost - Geodis
Thomas showed himself to be the true professional, smart, articulate and well prepared. Judges were impressed by his quiet confidence, he’d done his research too and made some really convincing and pertinent points about the benefits of the apprenticeship scheme and the opportunities available when working in this sector. Supported and encouraged by his employer, really valuing the on-the-job training and teamwork and understanding the demonstrable benefits delivered by his training provider and the value of the 20% off-the-job training. Thomas is definitely a future leader in this field – well done!

Jack Reddington - Hemisphere Freight Services
Jack showed such enthusiasm, determination and courage. Judges found Jack to have a completely different, but equally valuable, set of attributes to Thomas. Not letting anything stand in his way, he drives his future, and the future of his employer’s business. Again with superb support and encouragement from his employer Jack has benefitted from the 20% off-the-job training completed with his training provider. Who could resist joining the apprenticeship scheme and the world of opportunities within IFF with this young man’s persuasion? A superb ambassador for future apprenticeships – congratulations!
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Young Freight Forwarder Award Young Freight Forwarder Award This prestigious category is for those outstanding individuals working for a BIFA Member and must be under the age of 32, with a minimum of two years’ employment in the freight industry. Young Freight Forwarder Award Winner: Jenna Morgan
Sponsor: Steve Buckerfield of Virgin Atlantic Cargo (L)
Host: Ade Adepitan (C)
Winner: Jenna Morgan of Wallis Shipping Services (R)
Category Winner:  Jenna Morgan
Wallis Shipping Services For several years Jenna fought the pull of the freight forwarding industry that had been ever-present throughout her childhood and teenage years in the form of Wallis Shipping Services, the company established by her parents. Jenna studied marketing and multimedia journalism before working in media and PR for a period of time. Since joining the family business full-time in 2015 Jenna has been instrumental in growing the company, improving marketing and communications and establishing a dedicated exhibition logistics section which now employs three additional personnel.
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