CDS Process between BPU and NCH for managing Trading Standards split consignments

This new CDS process doc (v. 01) is closely based on the current CHIEF versions (7.0) but updated as necessary, where the CDS process deviates. The main difference to note with regard to CDS consignments (vs CHIEF) is for partial refusals – the trader does not amend the original entry to reflect the refused goods. 

The BPU confirmed that there is no change to the overall outcome for the original entry (whether amended or not) for CDS vs CHIEF – it will still be ‘finalised’ (i.e. invalidated) at the end of the refusals process (once Trading Standards have confirmed the refused portion has been destroyed/re-exported as appropriate). Therefore, there would/should be no import charges/VAT for this original entry. The trader would submit a new declaration for the acceptable goods only and this should be what they should be charged for. 

In the CDS process document, the step asking the trader to amend the original entry has been totally removed because some Traders (who were familiar with the CHIEF process for TS) were having problems in attempting to amend the originally entry. (However, if the Trader chooses (and is able) to amend the original entry for CDS – then this is fine also).