By becoming a member of BIFA, you can link your company to the pursuit of excellence and quality in the transport and logistics sector and gain access to many beneficial services.

BIFA provide two categories of Membership (1) Full or (2) Associate. 

(1) Full Membership is only open to UK registered Freight Forwarders and is not open to any other type of business or non-UK registered company. BIFA Membership is corporate only.

(2) Associate Membership is a form of advertising for companies that are not Freight Forwarders by definition, but may provide ancillary services to Freight Forwarders. Note: Freight Forwarders cannot be Associate Members.

Please read the criteria below carefully before deciding on which category.


Full Membership

For UK registered Freight Forwarders only.
Who are actively engaged in the supply of UK and/or
international freight services (Freight Forwarding) or UK Customs Brokerage services, but also require access to the BIFA Standard Trading Conditions (STC).
See benefits below before applying.


Associate Membership

For Companies not engaged in Freight Forwarding or Customs Brokerage activities.
Who wish to develop their interests to the Freight Forwarding industry through BIFA.
See benefits below before applying.

Note: New applicants for Full Membership require Freight Liability Insurance in order to be accepted. A list of Insurance Brokers can be provided. Please email

  • Protection of BIFA’s Standard Trading Conditions (BIFA STC)
  • Access to advice, guidance and resources on technical matters
  • Opportunity to influence the direction of the association through participation in regional meetings and policy groups
  • BIFA website & publications: Member-only content, BIFAlink, Good Practice Guides
  • Membership of FIATA – the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
  • Discounts on BIFA Training courses for all member employees
  • Free copies of BIFAlink (BIFA’s monthly magazine), and other occasional publications
  • Access to our member-exclusive events and webinars
  • Access to FIATA documents, such as the Multimodal Bill of Lading (FBL), the FIATA Waybill (FWB) and the Forwarders Certificate of Receipt (FCR)

  • A cost-effective way of promoting your company to a database of over 2,200 transport and logistic companies
  • Access to free advice and information
  • Keeping in touch with the industry with free copies of the Association’s monthly magazine, BIFAlink, and other annual or occasional publications
  • Reduced rates for other BIFA publications, seminars and conferences
  • The opportunity to contribute articles and information in the Association’s publications
  • Inclusion in the Members’ Directory listing on BIFA’s website
  • Reduced rate access to BIFA’s wide range of training courses
  • Your company logo, description and contact details included in the twice-yearly BIFA Associate Member directory distributed to all trading members
  • Use of the widely-recognised BIFA Associate Member logo and an Associate Membership Certificate


Associate Membership

Full Trading Membership

* The subscription fees are based on the total number of operational staff including directors as well as sales, accounts, administration and operations departments (excluding warehouse staff and drivers). Subscriptions can be paid in two six monthly instalments by Direct Debit or in full by BACS – bank details will be provided on request.

** Application fee is non-refundable for unsuccessful applicants to cover the processing costs.

FIATA Membership Certificate

Every Individual Member of FIATA receives an official membership certificate on payment of the BIFA annual subscription fee (payment of the BIFA annual subscription fee makes your
company an Individual Member of FIATA).

Use of FIATA Logo

Individual Members of FIATA are permitted to display the FIATA logo on their websites and vehicle livery, and to print the logo on their company stationary, and business cards (but not on any transport documents). If you require a FIATA logo, please email

Entry in the FIATA Members Directory

Your company’s name and address will be published in the unique FIATA Members Directory on the FIATA website. This directory of freight forwarders and logistics providers is continuously updated and can be freely consulted by anyone.

Advertising in the FIATA Members Directory

Only Individual Members of FIATA have the opportunity to advertise their services (in addition to their regular entry) in the FIATA Members Directory.

FIATA REVIEW and Information

Individual Members of FIATA receive their own individual copies of the FIATA REVIEW, which is published five times a year, 3 digital and 2 printed, and contains reports from FIATA activities, congress programmes and other information direct from the Federation.

Special rates for FIATA Publications and Articles

Individual Members of FIATA can obtain FIATA publications, such as the FIATA Code of Abbreviations, the FIATA Glossary of Transport and Forwarding Terms, the FIATA Customs Clearance Manual, as well as FIATA articles at special, discounted rates.

For further information on FIATA visit its website at

To be accepted as a Trading Member of BIFA an applicant company must be a provider of UK and/or international freight services (a Freight Forwarder) or a UK Customs Broker:

  1. Be an established business registered in the UK, or if an overseas company are a business registered in the UK and meet the UK rules of Establishment..(Establishment means that you have a place of business and employ staff in the UK)
  2. Adopt and incorporate the latest edition of the BIFA Standard Trading Conditions (STC) into international freight contracts.(Companies cannot display the BIFA Logo or adopt and incorporate the BIFA STC, until they have been accepted as members)
  3. Hold an adequate Insurance policy in place commensurate with business activities and when required by BIFA, shall produce evidence of a valid policy from your insurer/broker.
    (A) Freight Forwarder:
    For applicant companies this must be a fully comprehensive Insurance policy to meet the liabilities incorporated in the latest edition of the BIFA STC. The policy must Include Loss or Damage and Errors and Omissions.(B) Customs Broker (non-forwarding): For applicant companies this must be a fully comprehensive Insurance Policy to cover Errors & Omissions.(Details of your existing cover are given in the Insurance Declaration section of the Membership Application Form)
  4. Undertake to accurately complete, sign and return the Annual Company Declaration that will be sent to you each year prior to your Annual Membership renewal invoice.

Membership will be offered following receipt of a fully accurate and completed Application Form, signed Insurance Declaration and full payment of the Application and Subscription fees.

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