BIFA is a company that is limited by guarantee with a governance structure that enables the membership to fully participate in the governance of the Association.

The BIFA Board of Directors consists of up to eight non-executive Directors. Non-executive Directors are employees of BIFA members selected by the BIFA Board and confirmed at the next Annual General Meeting.
The non-executive Directors are complemented by four full time Executive Directors from the BIFA Secretariat; Director General, Steve Parker; Executive Director, Robert Windsor; Executive Director, Spencer Stevenson and Executive Director, Carl Hobbis.

Companies that are members of BIFA can nominate representatives to either a BIFA Regional Committee or a BIFA Policy Group to further their interest in Association matters. Policy Groups cover the following subjects: Air, Legal and Insurance, Surface, and Customs.

It is the Chair of a BIFA Policy Group or a BIFA Regional Committee that will represent that group on the BIFA Council. Meetings are held twice a year in conjunction with BIFA Board meetings.

The BIFA Board elects a National Chair who will serve a two-year term. The current National Chair is Mr Charles Hogg of Unsworth UK

BIFA Members that wish to engage in regional activity should contact their local Consultant to BIFA (see the Company and Staff section of this website for further information).
BIFA Members that are interested in the Policy Groups should contact Executive Director, Robert Windsor –