Getting involved with your local school or college is easier than you think and can work wonders for your business!

Sector skills shortages are a big concern for BIFA members; therefore we are committed to helping support you attract the next generation to the freight forwarding and logistics sectors.

We want to help our members build strong partnerships, so our sector has the skills and knowledge for the challenges that lie ahead.

Where do you start?’ you may ask… Well, it is quite easy, every school will list their representative for Careers and their contact details on their website. Drop them an email and offer your support! It is likely they will have some ‘ready-made’ opportunities for you to get involved with, such as career fairs, interview workshops and even work experience placements!

Then, all you need to do is check out our resources below to help you in supporting these events.

Now, more than ever, we all need to promote the industry and provide young people with employment and career opportunities. At the same time, you will be promoting your business and the industry and hopefully, make the recruitment of young people a lot easier.

Useful Member Resources

A Guide to Interacting with Schools and Community Groups
Packed with ideas and tips to give you the confidence to build long-lasting relationships.

Career Day Tips
A page sharing our top tips for attending Career events at local schools

Careers in Freight Forwarding
A handy guide sharing 10 reasons why we think freight forwarding is a fantastic career sector choice.

Apprenticeships in Transport and Logistics
Provides guidance on the current Apprenticeship standards that are unique to our sector.