One of the benefits of BIFA membership is the access to a range of internationally accepted uniform transport documents.

These documents are only available for the exclusive use of BIFA member companies and provide a standard recognised world-wide by other forwarders, banks, and insurance companies.

Printed documents supplied by BIFA:

  • FIATA Multimodal Bill of Lading (FBL)
  • FIATA Multimodal Transport Waybill (FWB)
  • FIATA Forwarders Certificate of Receipt (FCR)

Please contact to request these documents.

Paperless documents supplied by FIATA:

  • Digital FIATA Multimodal Bill of Lading (eFBL)

Your liability insurance should cover the issue of FIATA documents and FIATA Standard Conditons, and BIFA is obliged to see evidence of cover before the processing of any orders.

All printed FIATA documents are issued according to strict controls on format, layout and colour. BIFA’s own licence agreement with FIATA does not allow us to deviate from these prescriptions.

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FIATA – A Guide to paperless Bills of Lading