Cargo liability limits refer to the maximum amount of insurance coverage (i.e. the amount of money) that an insurer will provide for the loss or damage of goods being transported.

CMR: Carriage of Goods by Road Act

STC: Standard Trading Conditions

SDR: Special Drawing Rights

By Sea

Hague Visby Rules

£2.12 per kg

£706.7 per package

SDR 2.00 per kg

SDR 666.67 per package

By Road


£8.83 per kg

SDR 8.33 per kg

By Air

Montreal Convention

£23.32 per kg

SDR 22.00 per kg

By Air

Warsaw Convention

£18.02 per kg

SDR 17.00 per kg



£2.12 per kg

SDR 2.00 per kg

Based on the value of 1 SDR, which stood at:


According to the International Monetary Fund Website on: