Update from Dover Port Health Authority regarding location of the Short Straits BCP

BIFA has been contacted by Dover Port Health, the Association has clarified its position that it will report facts and pass messages on to its Members.  However, due to the wide divergence of Member views, the Association is unable to take a position on this matter. Therefore, we are publishing verbatim the following message from Dover Port Health Authority:

“You will be aware of DEFRA’s announcement (17th November 2023) of the UK Government’s ‘intention’ to consolidate Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) checks on goods arriving via the Short Straits at Sevington Inland Border Facility located in Ashford (22 miles inland from the Point of Entry into the UK at Dover).

Dover District Council and Port Health Authority issued a statement following this announcement on 22nd November 2023 and I am writing to inform you that a further statement was issued last week Dover Port Health Authority Statement – 12th January 2024 – Dover Port Health Authority

We are keen to let the trade know we are challenging the Government’s ‘intention’ and will continue to support all trade arriving via the Short Straits.

I encourage you to share our recent statement with your members and ask that they direct any queries they may have regarding food imports arriving through the Short Straits to porthealth@dover.gov.uk.”