BIFA has been in discussions with the government regarding its intention to introduce a Single Trade Window (STW).  When fully operational, the STW will provide a secure gateway between businesses and UK border processes and systems, allowing users to meet their import, export and transit obligations by submitting information once, and in one place.

The service will be introduced through a series of Strategic Releases, each one adding greater functionality and delivering an improved user experience. 

The first Strategic Release (SR1) will be built in 2023 and available for public use in 2024, following user testing which BIFA Members can be involved with. 

How to get involved: User Testing  

To deliver a successful Single Trade Window that meets user needs, the programme wants to include industry in the design and testing of the service.  

SR1 will enable users to make customs import declarations and Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) for Safety and Security (S&S). It will introduce the ‘tell us once’ principle, allowing multiple users from the same organisation to input information for one trade submission. 

Government is looking for volunteers to test the features that have been developed for SR1 and beyond. We want to hear from Traders, Intermediaries, Hauliers, Fast Parcel Operators, Express Operators, Software Developers and Carriers. These activities are due to commence from Quarter 3 of 2023 and you can register your interest in User Testing by emailing  

Some of the opportunities taking place will include: 

  • User Acceptance Testing – testing of software and functionality 
  • Private Beta Testing – testing of service suitability for user needs 
  • Innovation Accelerator – explore emerging technology that could benefit the Single Trade Window 
  • Ecosystem Advisory Board – quarterly forums to discuss Single Trade Window topics, input and feedback  

User Research  

User Research is also key for the Single Trade Window programme to learn about different user experiences and create services that meet specific needs.  

Government is always looking for volunteers to take part in the various User Research opportunities that will be available throughout each iterative phase of the Single Trade Window programme. You can register your interest in User Research via the online portal.

If you have any questions, please contact