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Customs Essentials - Live

Limited spaces Date(s):  2 days (04/01/22, 05/01/22)  at  02:00 PM
Venue:  Zoom Live - Click Start Date for all course dates   -  Map
Code:  CM8WEB         Cost - Members:  £260     Non Members:  £340

A one and a half day course designed for those who have a basic awareness of export and import procedures but who need to gain a better understanding of Customs regimes.

Please note that if you plan to book our BTEC Intermediate Award in Customs Export and Import Procedures course in the future, you do not need to undertake this course. Alternatively you can combine the BTEC course with either our Freight Forwarding Essentials or our online Customs Declaration Training.

All our interactive training courses are delivered via Zoom and feature live trainers with over 25 years freight and customs experience, all delegates will receive workbooks for each module. Therefore, to enable you to join in the activities live, a Webcam is essential and must be used. Your rights under GDPR will be protected.

BIFA is currently experiencing very high demand for BTEC and Essentials training courses and available places on courses are extremely limited or no longer available. Whilst the website may allow you to book places, this is not a guarantee or confirmation of those places. New dates will be added as soon as they become available.

Click here to download the Course Information Sheet

Incoterms 2020
In this session we will simplify what Incoterms are and their purpose. Again, we will focus on the buyer, seller and forwarder relationship as well as valuation for Customs purposes. (1h 15 minutes)

Moving goods around Europe
Delegates will gain an understanding of moving goods around the EU irrespective of their status. We will cover, Special Territories, EFTA countries and how shipments are controlled and monitored via NCTS. (40 minutes)

Outward (OP), Inward Processing (IP) and Return Goods Relief (RGR)
In this module, you will gain an overview of the most common temporary export and import special procedures, OP and IP. The tutor will also give circumstances when they could be applied and the importance of compliance. We will also explain RGR and the regulations around when it can be used.  (25 minutes)

Customs Procedure Codes (CPCs)
You will gain a good understanding of the CPC structure and importance for both import and export. You will be able to identify the requirements and apply the correct CPCs in the future. (35 minutes)

Tariff and Classification
You will gain an understanding of the online Trade Tariff, its volumes and their purpose and how to classify goods accurately. (35 minutes)

Getting Data to HMRC
Many systems interface to get data to HMRC. To do this the declarant must use various software applications. This module explains in depth how the individual systems link up together, inventories and allow the release of goods works. (30 minutes)

Duty Calculations
In this module, delegates will understand how Duty and VAT is calculated valuation and common circumstances that you could encounter day-to-day. The tutor will also guide delegates through manual calculation. (40 minutes)

Paying HMRC
Most goods that are imported from outside the EU usually need to have costs paid to HMRC. In this course we will explain how to get those costs to HMRC and will also advise the importance of ensuring the correct information is being declared. (30 minutes)

Please note: Courses can start either AM or PM and day 1. Please check the timings when you register to book. Schedules are listed below.

AM sessions start 0930
PM sessions start 1400


Many courses are repeated during the year, to see a complete list of available dates for this course please visit the course description page for Customs Essentials - Live

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