NCTS 5 Update | Electronic Transit MRNs

Following the initial announcement related to NCTS 5 implementation, HMRC has pledged to release monthly updates on the number of changes being incorporated into Phase 5.

HMRC has released the latest bulletin with further Phase 5 information listing a number of changes. This month’s announcement provides more information on Electronic Transit MRNs.

As part of NCTS5 implementation, from 22 January 2025 National Administrations (NAs) will have the flexibility to digitally capture and process transit movements to simplify border crossings. This means it will be possible to present the Movement Reference Number (MRN) electronically.

The MRN for the transit movement must always be accessible by the driver or person in charge of the goods to ensure that it can be provided where required.

Please see the attached document for more information. To view the rest of the bulletins, visit the dedicated NCTS 5 page.