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Young Forwarder Network (YFN)

Young _Forwarder _Network

Overview / Mission

BIFA’s Young Forwarder Network (YFN) enables participants to enhance their career by providing opportunities to support their professional development through exclusive events, boosting knowledge, sharing skills, advice, and experiences from industry professionals, and providing visits to places of industry interest.

The network is committed to promoting the logistics and forwarding sector as an exciting career choice and BIFA members are encouraged and supported to inspire the next generation within their local communities.


To support people who are new to the industry and are keen to develop their knowledge and professional skills.

Consisting of five regional networking groups and a virtual YFN community, the scheme provides participants with the chance to network with their peers, learn from key industry figures and boost their continuous professional development.

Any employee working for a BIFA Member is welcome and all events are free. All apprentices completing the International Freight Forwarding standard will be encouraged to attend events.

Being part of BIFA’s YFN will:

  • boost your industry knowledge
  • support the development of your personal network
  • enable you to gain skills and experiences from industry professionals
  • provide exclusive opportunities to visit places of industry interest
  • inspire you and your company to promote the logistics and forwarding sector to the next generation

Regional Coverage

The five regional groups we have are as follows.:

  • London Heathrow
  • London East
  • Northwest
  • Anglia
  • Midlands

Each region must hold one in-person event per quarter or four events per year.

Governing Board

All groups are managed by a chair and vice-chair and are supported by at least two regional employer governors, who will support with their advice and industry connections along with a chosen BIFA representative.

The employer governors will commit to inspire participants and employers to actively encourage and support attendance at events in the interest of all stakeholders.

Local Organising Committees

Each region and the virtual community are run by a committee (LOC) group of young people with BIFA’s support. All formats will have a chairperson who will hold the position for 12 months.

Each group should also appoint a vice-chair at a suitable time, this role needs approving by a BIFA director. This role would be held for at least five months with the incumbent then taking on the role of chair for following year. During their tenure as vice-chair, the individual would assist the chair with committee meetings and YFN events, standing in for them if necessary.

BIFA can appoint a vice-chair at their discretion. If no vice-chair is in place, current LOC members may self-nominate for the role of vice-chair by submitting a personal statement. A ballot then would be held at an event to vote to select the vice-chair.

All participants should work for BIFA members, however, there could be circumstances where employees of non-members will be appointed by BIFA. In those instances, this would need approval by BIFA’s Director General.

**Volunteers Wanted**

Click here for more information on how you can help grow the YFN in your local area. To express your interest, please email Nezda Leigh N.Leigh@bifa.org


For details of all future YFN events, please visit our Events page here  or follow us on LinkedIn here.

If you would like to be one of the first to receive updates on our events, please email Natalie Pitts and Sharon Hammond - bifacomms@bifa.org to join our Contact list. 

***Young Forwarder Network and Regional events are for attendance by BIFA member freight forwarders only. BIFA Associate members may only attend these events by invitation only***

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