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Customs Supervised Exports (CSE) - CDS Migration Requirements

Please see below a message issued by HMRC addressed to exporters holding a Customs Supervised Exports (CSE) approval.

HMRC is replacing the CHIEF system with the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). All export declarations must be made on CDS by 30 November 2023. Currently, only export declarants that exclusively use the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) will be able to start submitting export declarations through CDS. Most export declarants – including those that use inventory linked locations – will not be able to start submitting export declarations through CDS until September, when CDS functionality for all remaining routes becomes available.

One difference between the two systems is that on CDS you will need to include an individual reference for each CSE approved premises on your declaration. CDS also currently requires a temporary process to be followed so a declaration involving a CSE approval can be successfully submitted. 

If you are looking to migrate from CHIEF to CDS before September, this document provides details of the temporary process you must follow, when making an export declaration involving a CSE approval through CDS.

If you do not wish to use this temporary process to migrate to CDS, you can continue to submit your export declarations through CHIEF until September 2023. We will contact you then with instructions regarding a permanent process. 

Instructions for completing a CDS declaration using the temporary process for CSE Approvals

  • Your declaration must be lodged as arrived in Data element 1/2
  • In data element 1/11 use additional procedure code 1CS
  • In data element 2/2 use AI code RRS01
  • In data element 2/3:
    • Document code:  C676
    • Authorisation number:
  • CSE authorisation number for the premises where the goods are being shipped from.
  • Where you operate multi-site premises, enter the unique CSE authorisation number for each location. Ensure that the correct authorisation number is quoted, for example a CDS migrated number would resemble GBCSE123456789000, whereas a date and time stamp example would look like GBCSE12345678900020211121121110. 
  • Data element 3/39
    • Authorisation Identifier: EORI number
  • When exiting via a GVMS port, declare the relevant GVMS Location Code in 5/23 instead of your inland CSE location code.

(Failure to do so, will result in GVMS being unable to accept the DUCR and send the necessary message to CDS to close the export)

  • Goods cannot be removed from your CSE premises until confirmation of permission to progress is granted.
  • If the export requires a physical inspection, please contact the National Clearance Hub to arrange an inspection at your CSE approved premise.

You should continue to follow the CDS Declaration Completion Instructions for Exports guidance on GOV.UK to complete the rest of your export declaration. You should also speak to your software provider to find out whether you can access the Trader Dress Rehearsal service to practice submitting export declarations before you start submitting live declarations through CDS. 

You can continue to find the latest information about CDS by visiting the Customs Declaration Service collection page on GOV.UK. 

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